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Turin Marathon 2012

Welcome to SkyMedia

SkyMedia - UAV-based capturing of HD/3D content with WSN augmentation, real-time processing and immaterial rendering for immersive media experiences - is a 36 month project partly funded by the European Union 7th RTD Framework Programme in the context of the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Cooperation Theme and its objective FP7 Call 4 ICT- 2009.1.5: Networked Media and 3D Internet. The project started on 1st January 2010.

The objective of the SkyMedia project is to explore, design, and demonstrate a novel scalable and easy to manage multimedia end-to-end architecture that can provide unique immersive media experiences to audiences during live events.
The SkyMedia consortium is formed by eight Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and one a large company with very good variety of nationalities within Europe. The project partners are: MAVIGEX (coordinator), NIMBUS and TURIN MARATHON from Italy, TEKEVER from Portugal, VITEC and THALES from France and VELTI from Greece.

SkyMedia is a small-scale focused collaborative research project (STREP) funded by the Europe's Seventh Framework Programme for research and technology development (FP7).